Just What Is The Import? on The Import

Just What Is The Import?

CSS Import was one of the first, and most loved, web design inspiration galleries that focused upon not just the design, but the accessibility and build of a website. Changing the face of web design for good, the ‘web standards’ movement eradicated the hordes of ill-conceived, poorly constructed and horrifically designed websites out there…. OK, so a few may have slipped through the net, but our general belief was – good job, well done.

Which, of course, brings us to ‘The Import’, exciting website that continues the theme of traditional web design galleries with a regularly updated stream of inspirational designs…. the difference between us and the countless other sites that followed in the footsteps of CSS Import? Our focus on design inspiration as a whole…. we’ll not just be delivering the latest beautifully designed websites… but inspirational blogs, studios and portfolios of the world’s hottest print and digital designers, illustrators, photographers and artists.

That’s not to mention the ‘Import Blog‘, a regular outpouring of the best in inspirational design, interviews with the globe’s hottest talent and spotlights on the most creative studios around alongside articles, features and exclusive giveaways….

Have fun reading things on our site, Get in touch and Submit your works for our review. We are always looking for great designs to feature on TheImport.co.uk